PC/Mac Support

We want to make you aware that there will be scheduled server maintenance for a 24 hour period starting Friday, February 23, 2018 at 10:30pm EST and ending Saturday, February 242018 at 10:30pm EST.   We are performing this maintenance to ensure our servers remain up to date and secure.  During this maintenance window, you may have limited account access and functionality.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

PC/Mac Requirements

Internet Connectivity Requirements

  • We recommend a 25+mb internet connection to fully experience our video application.
  • Our Portal streams 4 video feeds simultaneously, so at a minimum you need to have a 12-20mb internet connection depending on the video.
  • Test your internet connectivity for HTML5 video download speed here
  • Simply click on "Start Test..." near the lower left corner of your screen.
As a reference, 2mb is about the minimum bandwidth requirement to stream a good quality single video feed (e.g. typical non-high definition YouTube video).  Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime Instant Video recommend 3-5mb for a single high definition video feed, and we film all videos in high definition.

Browser Recommendations

  • PC/Windows:  Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera
  • Mac OS X/macOS:  Chrome, Firefox
  • NOT SUPPORTED:  Safari, Internet Explorer
There are differences in browser implementation, functionality and performance from platform to platform; your operating system, browser, memory, processor and hardware versions can all have an impact on your video streaming experience.  Google Chrome on a PC may be different than Google Chrome on a Mac.  As a result of the diverse interactions between the browser, operating system, and platform, a few possible solutions may need to be tested before success.  If you encounter video loading and playing issues as well as immediate angle sync/playback issues, tap the rewind button to stop and re-sync the video feed(s).

Also, try switching between Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.  We ask that you send an email to support@truestreammedia.com with information regarding any operational anomalies you encounter as you enjoy your videos.  Below is our current list of findings to date.

Browser Support

  • How well your browser supports HTML5 click here.
  • How well other desktop browsers support HTML5 click here.
  • How well other tablet browsers support HTML5 click here.
  • How well other mobile browsers support HTML5 click here.